Things I Have Never Done

Here is a list that I plan on developing 0ver time. Here is a short list of things/places I have never done/seen:
  1. I have never seen snowfall.
  2. I have never driven in the snow.
  3. I have never been to Japan.
  4. I have never been skydiving.
As mentioned above this list will grow over time as I add to it.


Shoshana said...

Numbers 1 and 2 are excellent reasons for you to visit Cleveland ;)

Anonymous said...

Never seen snowfall!?! My goodness. You really have missed something.

Driving in the snow... not so great.

Bill said...

miriam - I disagree come live in Canada for a while and you will never want to see snow again. Jack you aren't missing anythiong there.

Anonymous said...

have you:
flown trapeze
eaten an entire Moroccan dinner with your hands
ridden a camel
seen an elephant in the wild
volunteered with teens
held a fund raiser
read poetry to an audience
shaved your head

Michael said...

I grew up in Michigan, where we get plenty of snow. You should definitely see it sometime, watch the flakes drift down, and watch your kids play in it.

But don't drive in it, if you don't have to. You haven't missed much, there.

have popcorn will lurk said...

What?? All this time I thought you had some actual reason to diss Cleveland!

You have no right to complain until you've experienced it. Next winter, get thee to Cleveland, go. ;)

P.S. As far as snowfall - what a difference a degree of latitude makes!!

Jack Steiner said...


Any time I want to experience cleveland I just bang my head against a wall.


I don't really miss it. I have been in the snow and that is as much as I really need.


I didn't think so.


I haven't been on a trapeze.
I have eaten Moroccan food.
I have ridden a camel.
I haven't seen an elephant in the wild.
I have volunteered with teens. I also worked as a teacher and youth director.
I have held many fundraisers.
I have read poetry to an audience.
I have shaved my head.


I have been a passenger in the car but never did drive in the snow. Can't say that I feel too badly about it.


I have every reason to make fun of the mistake by the lake. ;)

Bill said...

Why would anyone shave thier head? must be a Californian thing :-)

Jack Steiner said...


It was a mistake- I was 16.

jill b said...

This whole time I've been reading your blog, I thought you were from Cleveland when you randomly bashed it! I'll have you know I HONEYMOONED in Cleveland - have you ever head anything more hilarious?!? (we were young, dumb and without money at the time... somehow our marriage flourished despite - or because of - its humble beginnings) Anyway, you need to see snow. And in my book, you need to drive in it, too - get in a pickup truck and do some doughnuts in a nice open parking lot... can you tell I'm from a small town?? This was entertainment in high school!

Jack Steiner said...

Hi Jill,

I have been in the snow many times. I have spent time in Buffalo and Toronto as well various mountain ranges.

I have been in the snow as recently as last January. To some of you that probably sounds ridiculous, but hey, I am an LA boy.

However I have never actually driven any sort of vehicle in the snow.

As for cleveland I have made a point of never visiting there. I can find a slum much closer to home.

have popcorn will lurk said...

I learned to drive in Cleveland, in the snow, in a stick shift.

I win.


Jack Steiner said...

Ok. You win.

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