Liveblogging Dinner With The Shmata Queen Part II

Part one can be found here.

SQ: Ah, the laptop at the table joins us again. Please don't make me look foolish.
Me: I would never do that to you, especially when you are so much better at it than I am.

SQ: Must you always play these silly games.
Me: Is that a question or a statement.

SQ: What do you think?
Me: I think, therefore I am.

SQ: Sometimes you are a real pain in the ass.
Me: Only sometimes. Damn, I am losing my touch. Be happy you are out of reach.

SQ: Out of what?
Me: Socks. Out of socks. I said out of socks.

SQ: No you didn't. What did you really say?
Me: I said that you make my heart skip a beat and my knees go weak, such a fair maiden.

SQ: I know that is not what you said, but I'll take it.
Me: I know. All you do is take, take, take, take. When are you going to to give, give, give.

SQ: You are such a man.
Me: That's why I wear the pants, not to mention that these wouldn't look that good on you.

SQ: Hey, that is not nice.
Me: What is not nice.

SQ: You know what is not nice. Stop typing, I don't want this in there.
Me: I don't want this in there. Say, this is a family blog. Don't go putting smut into my blog. You have your own. Oh, I am sorry, you have the one you abandoned.

SQ: Miriam is going to move in with him.
Me: Are we back on this again.

SQ: Yes. She is my sister and I love her.
Me: So do I, more than you know. Mua haha hah hah.

SQ: Go ahead and twist my words. That is not nice.
Me: Neither is cleveland but that didn't stop you from living there.

SQ: I am getting tired of old jokes
Me: Ok, here is new one. LeBron James is going to win a championship for the cavs. Excuse me while I pause to wipe up the Coke coming out of my nose.

SQ: Can we have a serious conversation.
Me: Hmm... There you go again. Is that a question or a statement.

Folks, I'd write more but as you can see these discussions are really kind of tough. I am exhausted just thinking about this. Excuse me while I go search for some armor. Something tells me that I just might need it. ;)


Ezzie said...

SQ - Ignore him, his brain has been burned by the sun.


Jack Steiner said...

SQ - Ignore him, his brain has been burned by the sun.

I know. When you come the land of the burning river you wonder what the burning orb in the sky is and why there land is not filled with grey clouds.

Stacey said...

Damn, Darling, is nothing private anymore?

King James will do it and you will be eating humble pie. And yeah, I will quote you on it.

P.S. My blog has not been abandoned. Am working on a post now. xoxooxox

Jack Steiner said...

King James will do it
For some team not called the cavs.

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