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Jameel and I agree that Beta Blogger bears a strong resemblance to New Coke. It remains to be seen whether that description remains in place or if it is left behind in a trail of cyberspace dust. As I said over at his place, I apologize for crossing the streams. That could very well be the problem, who knows.

What we can say is that thus far there have been a number of bumps, squeaks and bruises left by the change. The most notable one took place earlier today in which many of us were unable to reach our blogs. Instead we received some sort of error message. Since I don't read Klingon I am at a loss for what this message meant.

Perhaps it was a note from the hamster union calling upon all hamsters of character to go on strike. As soon as they stop spinning those wheels the whole freaking thing breaks down. Or maybe it was something else I don't really know.

That is ok. I don't get paid the big bucks to know these things. I get paid the big bucks to write posts of whimsy and will about this and that. In case you are curious I don't know what that last sentence about whimsy and will means. It sounds like some sort of wacky radio show. Welcome to KWILL's morning show with Whimsy and Will.

I need to get a haircut. The old Jewfro is starting to look pretty raggedy, rather Unabomberish. I figure I either cut it or open up a laboratory and become a mad scientist. Now there is a term that I don't hear that often anymore, Mad Scientist. I rather fancy it, the term, not being a Mad Scientist. Of course there are certain benefits to being a Mad Scientist.

Mad Scientists don't pay takes. Mad Scientists don't worry about hitting the motorcyclists who split lanes. A good Mad Scientist would have some evil acid that they drop on the motorcyclist's tires. That would teach them to the split the lanes. If I were a Mad Scientist I wouldn't have to worry about so many little details, like what to have for dinner, how to pay tuition for my children's schools etc.

I'd live in a big castle at the top of a hill and scream things like IT IS ALIVE! and then maniacal laughter would rain down upon the gentle valley below. It could be fun.

Ok geek time. If you could be a character on Star Trek or Lord Of The Rings which would you choose and why? Remember, you cannot be both. Orcs don't carry Phasers and Kirk doesn't have a magic ring. Besides, he didn't really need one. On a side note it appears that old Willie is now making guest appearances on blogs.

Maybe I'll look into having him over here again. There is nothing like listening to him sing Rocket Man.


Anonymous said...

I also couldn't get on my blog this A.M. Then I took at look at one of the "issues" tab at the bottom of the help page- they said, "some" have not been able to blog- I guess some must mean all in Blogspeak. So I'll say this nicely, I wish "some" women were less crazy.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

It's a new game by Google: now you seee me, now you don't.

Played with randomly chosen participants. Probably according to a secret keyword the blogger writes unwittingly in a post.

Chaim said...

I dont know guys ... it's not like the old blogger was so much more stable. I'm sure I can go back into your archive Jack and find a couple posts writing about the evils of bloggers platform :-)

I'm not a beta-defender or anything, just think that the old one had breakdowns all the time too.

LT said...

Yep, what Chaim said. Every platform has issues - and you should certainly expect more issues early on.

But the labeling thing is great. And supposedly, many of what beta offers are features that have yet to be rolled out.

It's certainly decent enough. And besides, how much can we really complain? We're not really paying for any of this. :-p

Anonymous said...

Okay, okay. Enough with the silly tech banter, boys. Just shut up and blog please.

Thanks for the video, Jack. There should have been some warning about not watching it while drinking Diet Coke. I'll be cleaning up the mess for a while. We have a Shatner CD that someone gave us over a year ago. It's still in the shrink wrap because it's disturbingly funny even when it's not opened.

Y'know, I considered becoming a mad scientistw but none of the grad schools I applied to had accredited programs. Some days I'm a pretty pissed-off scientist; does that count?

Anonymous said...

It's been days since I've been able to open blogger to be able to post on my blogs. I'm about to give up.

Jack Steiner said...


No, they all are. ;)


I love games.


The only thing that you can't find in my archives is an 8x10 glossy of you at your Bar Mitzvah. Otherwise they are quite extensive. ;)


I can complain all day and all night long. Google is not providing this service out of altruism.


A pissed off scientist is still a few steps below mad, but thanks for playing. ;)


I can fix it for you.

marallyn ben moshe said...

thank God it wasn't just me!!! klingon!!! no wonder i didn't understand what they wanted from me...but seems like maybe the glitch is gone...out out damn glitch...a sweet shabbat shalom jack...stay safe

have popcorn will lurk said...

Hey! You took my line!

No, really! You TOOK MY LINE!!!!

"That's my excitement for now. And I don't feel like dealing with New Blogger because I am stubborn. I feel the same way about it as I do about New Coke"

LOL!! (see 1/30/2007 11:03:00 PM )

Jack Steiner said...


Shavua tov. Thanks for coming by. I appreciate your time and comments.



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