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How Many Toilets Must A Man Post About

I read on some other blog that they thought that they were the king of bathroom commentary. Well, I am not going to try and win that competition because I find it a crappy thing to do.

But I will demonstrate that I have spent more than a little time posting about this topic. Maybe too much time.

  1. Stupid Toilet Tricks

  2. A Bullet Proof Toilet

  3. It is Better Than Toilet Paper

  4. Some Thoughts About Toilet Paper

  5. The Truth About Toilet Seats

  6. A Simple Toilet Just Won't Do

  7. Excuse me, There is Toilet Paper Stuck To Your Tuchus

  8. Rough Toilet Paper/Getting Dressed in the Dark

  9. Snake In The Toilet

  10. The Auto Flush

  11. The Talking Penis- A New Bathroom Adventure

  12. Bathroom Etiquette- A Follow Up to The Courtesy Post

  13. Urinal Talk With Air Time

  14. Urine For a Story

  15. Jack's Experience In the Ladies Room

  16. A Little Digestive Distress- Chicken Vindaloo

  17. The Germophobe

  18. Teach Your Boy to Pee Like a Man

  19. Men Urinate Sitting


Anonymous said…
"Life of Marty" often blogs about Toilet paper and even once ordered much online. He even ran a competition and the winner got a free roll; which he actually did send out. I think you should connect :) LOL
Jack Steiner said…
I'll have to check him out.