Going Commando

I loaned a pair of gym shorts to someone who had forgotten his.

Sounds innocuous enough, doesn't it. Well maybe for some people, but few things in my life are that easy.

Nope. The guy that loaned the shorts too happened to go back to the locker room at the same time as me.

Inside that secret stronghold of men I discovered that not only had he gone commando in my shorts, he expected that I would take them back right then and there.

I was taken aback. Most people would have offered to wash them. But what really got me was his having let his boys roam free in my pasture.

You just don't do that. It is a violation of the code of men. You just don't go there.


Deadman said...

Yuck. Now if it was Rene Zellweger...

Jack Steiner said...

Yuck. Now if it was Rene Zellweger...

Someone would be staring squinty eyed back at you.

mist1 said...

Maybe I don't know what gym shorts are. I don't think girls lend out that sort of item. However, when I loan out an object from my closet (rare), I snatch it back immediately. I don't give people a chance to screw it up in the laundry.

JJ said...


Brooke said...

Um... You keep 'em, dude.

Anonymous said...

This has been a very interesting excursion into a male world that, up until now, I could only imagine.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Seems like there should be a Seinfeld about this.

Jack Steiner said...

However, when I loan out an object from my closet (rare), I snatch it back immediately.

That is why you are supposed to give them the cheap wire hangers that the dry cleaners hand out.






It happens. ;)


You said it.


Glad to have been of service.


There should have been.

Dan Balsamo said...

That is so freaking disgusting! The fact the he just borrowed it, he shouldn't have gone commando with it, to begin with! But he did anyway, so just at least offer to wash it first! Eeeeewww!!!

So I guess you've learned your lesson. Never lend anybody something that is supposed to be only yours!

Mel Balsamo

Anonymous said...

Would not have bothered me in the least, we are used to doing it all the time.

Tyrone said...

Yeah, he owes you a new pair of shorts; he can keep those. Nothankyou.

Jack Steiner said...

Yep, and yet I heard from someone who accused me of being homophobic for not wanting them back. Weird people out there.

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