Do You Have Satellite Radio?

This year I have two basic purchases that I intend to make. I need to get a GPS for my car and I also want to pick up a satellite radio system.

So I am interested in finding out how many of you have a satellite radio system in your car and your opinions about it. Do you have a preference between XM and Sirius? What equipment do you recommend?

Any advice is appreciated. Thank you for your help.


Gooch said...

I have Sirius (I have what I believe is called the Sportster Relay radio, which has the ability to pause and rewind up to 45 minutes of programming, can alert you when (up to 19 I think) songs you like are on). I'm a big fan. Howard Stern being on Sirius was the deciding factor in my choosing Sirius over XM. Other considerations - Sirius has all NFL, NHL and NBA games, XM has baseball (a bit of a bummer for me since where I live the Angels games tend to cut out at night on 710AM). Both services appear to have enough music stations that you couldn't possibly complain about a lack of variety.

Ray Bridges said...

I have no idea or opinion about the radio part, but I'm seriously in love with GPS. I'm getting one of those babies in the next several weeks. I'm getting the one from Garmin that you can use either in your car or carry in your pocket.

I love this century!

Jack Steiner said...

Hi Gooch,



Me too.

Anonymous said...

We do! Hubby has Sirius and I have... the other one. :( Can't remember... XM??? Anyway, we love it. I say go for it!

Jack Steiner said...


Thanks for the advice.

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