I Have Been Attacked By a Bubblehead

In an earlier post I mentioned that I am a finalist for the Weblog awards. I am rather dubious about awards like this because they have a knack for creating unnecessary dissension.

This morning I see that the first salvo was fired across my bow by the old bubblehead. It seems that he thinks that I am a drunk and suicidal Santa Claus. Now that is just grating on my nerves. I am neither drunk nor suicidal.

I have mulled over the proper response to such. Do I let him know that I am a true holy man. I am Jack, The Bishop of Bullfrog.

Should I explain to him about the origin of this. Shola Rhodes learned all about my affiliation with Holy Croaker circle.

Or perhaps I should reveal that final words of the talking penis man from this story were "Dive, Dive, Dive."

Anyhoo, I haven't had a cup of coffee yet and I learned long ago that questions like this require my caffeine drip.

P.S. I found this little ditty on his blog. Emphasis in bold is mine.
Keeping the blogosphere posted on the goings on of the world of submarines since late 2004... and mocking and belittling general foolishness wherever it may be found. Idaho's first and foremost submarine blog.
Now I am not a sailor nor am I a cartographer, but I do know that Idaho is nowhere near salt water and that most submariners prefer the ocean to their bathtub. But hey, that is just me. ;)


Anonymous said...

Jack, I hope you win. Your blog is one of the most consistently funny ones I know. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

To the Bishop of Bullf...
We yaks from the other side of the mountain at TRY, The Random Yak, one of your competitors for the Weblog award, think you're an excellent candidate for the Blue Ribbon, for second place. Congratulations!

Bubblehead said...

As a nuke submariner, I reject the Church of any sort of frog; I acknowledge only the Church of the Holy Neutron among non-traditional sects.

And besides, who says there isn't a submarine in Idaho?

Jack Steiner said...


Thank you kind sir.


I appreciate your comment, it is always nice to hear from the suppliers of my yak rugs.


Ahah! That picture proves that some people have been replacing their gray matter with potatoes.

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