The Apprentice Just Jumped The Shark

I used to be a fan of The Apprentice but now I am not so sure. They have made some foolish changes.

If you never watched the show the premise was very simple. Contestants engaged in various tasks hoping to win a position as an employee of one of Donald Trump's companies. Typically the contestants were presented with various business challenges and given limited time and money to try and develop the best possible solution.

It was enjoyable to watch them compete and every now and then you might pick up an idea that you could incorporate into your own business.

The first five seasons were all held in Manhattan. Being a big fan of LA I was excited to see that season six is going to be held in my hometown. And then I read about some of the changes.
In a compelling social experiment of haves and have nots, contestants this season will have to earn the right to live like Trump. Each week, the contestants on the winning team will get to live in a luxurious mansion. But contestants on the losing team will have to sleep outside in tents in the back yard of the mansion with outdoor showers and port-a-potties, giving contestants more incentive than ever to win their tasks each week.
Talk about marketing BS. A compelling social experiment? My ass. Leave the Survivor elements where they belong, in Survivor. I see this as detracting from the show. Just my two cents.


Anonymous said...

These games trumy border on criminal if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy...this is one of Little Orieyenta's favourite shows. While I think the idea stinks I bet she is going to love it when the "losers" get stuck outside.

cruisin-mom said...

I agree Jack. I loved the Apprentice, because it was interesting to see people come up with ideas, work as a team, and work their way up to winning.
This move definitely jumps the shark...Caroline should thank her lucky stars she's no longer around.
Trump is a ratings hound (big surprise...just look at the fight he escalated with Rosie O'Donnell...coincidence?...I think not)

Jack Steiner said...




Kids love the yucky stuff. Personally I love camping so the outdoor stuff is not so disturbing to me.



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