Math Proves Women Are Trouble


Baleboosteh said...

Lol! Very cute... but you men would be lost without us!

marallyn ben moshe said...

that is like my God omnipotent? if He is, then can God create a boulder so heavy that He can't lift it? forty years later i'm still trying to figure that one out...oh, and there are problems and then there are PROBLEMS...we girls godda stick together...shabbat shalom jack...another great post

Jack Steiner said...


We only let you think that. ;)


Good Shabbos to you too.

You speak my language!

I spent many years watching Jane Goodall and as result I speak fluent simian.

Anonymous said...

As I am currently losing lots of time and money in the search for the right woman, I can testify to the validity of the equation.

Chandira said...

LOL.. I like the logic, however, I've always been a pretty cheap date. Low maintenance.

Jack Steiner said...


We thank you for your support.



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