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Halloween- Things That Frighten Me

In honor of Halloween here again is a list of things that frighten me including one or two new line items.

This a list of things that have frightened me in my life. Some are still relevant and some are not. But I thought that it might be interesting to just throw them all out there to see what they look like during daylight hours. P.S. I have explanations for all of these, but I may not include them on the list. Why? I just don't feel like it. :)

  1. The Dark.
  2. The Amityville Horror scared me.
  3. Oscar the Grouch
  4. Bigfoot- The one from the Bionic Man television Show. He gave Steve Austin plenty of trouble.
  5. The Creature in the Legend of Boggy Creek
  6. A couple of dogs that chased me on my paper route.
  7. The homeless guy from the park.
  8. V.L.- He and I got into a fight in high school. I pretty much kicked his ass up and down the corridor, but I do remember shaking with adrenalin afterwards. For about two weeks I was concerned that I was going to have to face him and his older brother again.
  9. Having my heart broken again.
  10. Breaking someone's heart.
  11. Not being able to provide for my family.
  12. Letting my children down.
  13. Not making it to the bathroom in time.
  14. Finding out that I have a child that I didn't know about.- Ladies this is never a problem for you, but we men wonder about this sometimes.
  15. Being mugged at an ATM- When I was in college a guy was murdered at the ATM I used that day. It was several hours after I had used it, but....
  16. Something happening to my children.
  17. Getting stuck at a job I hate.
  18. Never living out my dreams.
  19. Being paralyzed.
  20. Losing a parent/close friend or family member- Actually I have lost several friends and family members, but it is still a fear.
  21. Being eaten alive or mauled seriously by a hog. (But I won't go down easily, so sirree Bob.)
  22. Losing my perspective on life and why most of these things are nonsense.


1) The stepmonster
2) The kids who taunted me when I was growing up
3) The stepmonster
Anonymous said…
Very interesting list! My fears include:
1. fear of ending up in a wheelchair
2. fear of getting my heart broken
3. fear of being assaulted(just about every woman fears this, whether she says this or not)
That was a serious list. I don't want to be Debbie Downer. It's Halloween, my favorite holiday, so here's a quick ghost story. In my neighborhood in Boston, there are a lot of old houses and therefore a lot of haunted houses. In one friend's house, there is a woman who climbs the staircase in a Victorian dress every once in a while. I've never seen her.
Anonymous said…
Paralysis is a biggie for me too! But mostly I fear that no one will show up for my funeral.
1.that something will happen God forbid to my
5.being on a bus when the sons of ishamel decide to go boom
---another great blog---where do you come up with 'em?
There is an easy way to prevent #14 you know. ;-)
Elie said…
My list used to include things like army ants, rabid dogs, and being trampled by a crowd. But now I've already been through the most frightening thing I could have listed. What scares me now? What could be next.
Your bigfoot reference really just threw me back to my childhood frights.

It was the time of UFOs and Bigfoot. I was afraid that a UFO would land over my house, and walking to school in the dark was a real treat for a seven year old. The older kids would always scare us with stories of sightings of Bigfoot (the Bionic Man bigfoot.)
Claire said…
Number 13 is a serious fear of mine...

Jack Steiner said…

Sounds to me like you have a real handle on what/who scares you.


I can appreciate your list.


I must admit that I never thought about whether people would show up at my funeral. It is a legitimate fear, but my unsolicited suggestion is to make a difference in a few lives now because what happens then is what happens then.


When I was a kid quicksand was one of my fears too.


Yes, but what fun would that be. ;)


I can only imagine.


That bigfoot was scary.


What do they call that, triskadekaphobia or something similar.
I just clicked on your hog linked. When I first read number 21, I was thinking you meant like something out of the Princess Bride.

Gosh, gross. The poor farmer. Well, I guess the family will be eating a lot of bacon and pork chops for a while.