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A Simple Difference Between Boys & Girls

I have 17,000 younger sisters. Ok, maybe 17,000 is an exaggeration but I am my father's only son and on more than one occasion complained to him about not having a brother.

As a parent I have noticed many differences between my son and daughter. At the moment there is one that stands out from the rest.

Why do little girls love shrieking so much. My daughter has a high pitched scream that could wake the dead.

My son never did this or anything close to this.

Don't get me wrong, I love my children equally. But I also love the ability to hear and a couple more banshee screams and I might become deaf.


Shoshana said…
It goes back to the old days when cavemen would pull the cavewomen by the hair. We needed some kind of defense mechanism.
It seems in my household it's a pretty close tie.
Val said…
I like Shoshana's theory.
Anonymous said…
The banshee tales came from bemused men who (unbeknownst to them) were camping near a proto-daycare.

(coming via Brian's)
miriam sawyer said…
I had two little girls, and when they got together with friends the giggles were endless. And high-pitched!

I don't remember doing that as a child.

Would you believe that I would rather hear 200 little girls giggle than deal with one sulky teenager?