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Because I Wouldn't Get a Tattoo

I just might have to try a pair of tattoo sleeves.

Thanks for the tip Houston.


Anonymous said…
Those are fun!

Love your sidebar drop down navigation thingee. Wonder if I can rig up my archives to look like that. If I manage it, you're the inspiration. (If I don't manage it, it's may fault.)
Anonymous said…
Damn, Jack. How do you know where to look for this stuff?
Jack Steiner said…

It is not too hard, just takes a little time.


I found it elsewhere and mentioned it here. There is all sorts of good stuff out there.
Anonymous said…
Yikes, please stay away from both! :)

(this comment been classified in the Jack time saving category: No response required)

Which goes nicely with the now frightening 80's mega hit album "No Jacket Required", though if you buy that T-Shirt, I may have to disavow this comment and or any statements therein made entirely.