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A Question About The Dead

Here is sort of a general question for you. Do you ever find yourself trying to remember what a dead relative/friend sounded like? That is, do you ever feel like you can't quite remember their voice?


Anonymous said…
The only thing I remember about my Dad's voice is the songs he would sing and his laughter. I cannot quite remember what he sounded like when he conversed.
Stacey said…
That is the hardest part (to me) about losing a loved one -- knowing you will never again get to speak to them.

Thank goodness I have audio and/or videotape of those closest that I have lost.
My father died when I was 19. About ten years later, I spoke with his brother (with whom I had no contact with) and the sound of his voice just got me all choked up. It was so similar to my dad's.

I never knew my brother had audio recordings of my dad, and recently created a website with them on it. It was so wonderful to hear it. It's a horrible feeling to forget the voice.
Jack Steiner said…

I understand that, had similar experience.


I hear you.


I have written a million posts in which I referenced my friend who died. Every time I speak to his father I have to pinch myself. It is surreal.