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Having Older brothers linked to being gay

I thought that this was interesting as well.
Older brothers linked to being gay

"Having one or more older brothers boosts the likelihood of a boy growing up to be gay--an effect due not to social factors, but biological events that occur in their mother's womb, according to a study published Tuesday.

In an analysis of 905 men and their siblings, Canadian psychologist Anthony Bogaert found no evidence that social interactions among family members play any role in determining whether a man is gay or straight.

The only significant factor was the number of times a mother had previously given birth to boys, according to the report in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Each older brother increases the chances by 33 percent. Bogaert said that assuming the base rate of homosexuality among men is 2 percent, it would take 11 older brothers to give the next son about a 50-50 chance of being gay.

In a previous study, Bogaert and his colleagues estimated that about one in seven gay men in North America--roughly 1 million people--can attribute their sexual orientation to fraternal birth order.

Bogaert said he doesn't know what mechanism is behind the effect, which he and a colleague first identified 10 years ago."


BarnGoddess_01 said…
how odd......ummm this may be a homophobic comment but Im glad I stopped at 2 boys! Nothing against gay men, I have 2 male friends who are great, but.......honestly Im not so sure how Id like it if one of MY OWN kids was gay.
Yeah, because I'm sure my son spray painted "FACE IT - you are destined to be one of Kathy Griffin's main gays!" on the inside of my uterus before he was born!

(/sarcasm off)
Jack Steiner said…

I have a number of gay relatives. It hasn't ever bothered me, but given the choice I would be happier if my kids were straight.

Primarily because I think that life is easier that way, but I'll love them however they turn out.


Could be.
Anonymous said…
Some kids learn how to be gay in the womb, for sure..

I learned how to speak & spell while I was in my mother's womb, and my friend actually learned Auto Mechanics 101 during his 9 month stint!

Sounds kinda hoaky to me. I suggest the scientists 'keep looking' for some other biological factors, and where pray tell do all the lesbians come from!?
Elie said…
Wild! I'm skeptical about this, but if true, what would it say about yeshivish families that have 10 or more kids???