Messianic Rant

This is a post that I have been mulling over for a while. It is something that I have been playing with because it bothers me, tremendously.

When it comes to politics/religion I don't like games. I am not a fan of subterfuge, misdirection or anything that intentionally misleads people down a false path.

The so called messianics engage in this and it irks me. I don't appreciate their proselytization and their attempts to twist words and logic to so that they can claim that 2+2 equals five.

And truth be told, I cringe when they respond to questions about Judaism. I get a twitch that bothers me terribly.

There is no doubt that there are legitimate differences in interpretation between Reform, Conservative and Orthodox Judaism. However, there are some basic tenets that we all agree upon. There are some things that are incontrovertible.

You cannot be Jewish and claim that Jesus has any divinity. It is like being partially pregnant, an impossibility.


Topwomen said...

Are you inferring that there are some in Judaism that claim that Jesus was divine? If so, I can't imagine who other than Jews for Jesus and they can't even be Reform; they're totally outside the box.

Anonymous said...

Yes, of course, but the real issue is that these guys aren't Jews. They are christians: funded by christians, led by christians, and ultimately wanting Judaism to go away like christians. As long as Judaism exists, christianity doesn't have a leg to stand on;hence the big effort at deception.

Jack Steiner said...


I think of these people as being religious transexuals. They cling to both Christianity and Judaism, but the thing is that you cannot be Jewish and believe that J was anything other than a man.


So many people are unaware of all the dollars that these people receive from various Christian groups.

Anonymous said...

actually amishav, there are many of those that are "real Jews" some even coming from orthodox backgrounds. Look at 50 shekel.

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