Feh! Bah! and Y%^&%#%&#U*&^$#%^&

I am sick today. After having spent more than a couple of weeks around sick people the bug has caught me. My throat feels like it has been used as a battleground for a desert warfare and my mouth must have been used by someone to plow a field or two.

If you are wondering I am just a little cranky. Ok, make that a lot cranky. A couple of telemarketers disturbed my sickly slumber and I went after them with both barrels blazing. It wasn't just their having woken me up, it was the way that the call went.

I answered the phone and sure as shit there was a 15 second pause between my "hello" and their response. In some respects I suppose that this could be considered payback for all of the times that I have played with the telemarketers.

I hate being sick. I hate feeling less than a hundred percent. I hate feeling like it is a struggle to stay awake. I hate feeling like I could be doing a million other things than lying around moaning.



Stacey said...

Feel better soon!

Regina said...

Oh, sorry, Jack- get better soon!

Anonymous said...

I'm sick, too :-(

Feel better soon, Jack!

Irina Tsukerman said...

Feel better soon!

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