Covered In Drool

I stumbled onto this pillow at Gizmodo. It is an inflatable pillow that you can use when you travel.

In concept I like it, however I would never use it. I just wouldn't because I know that if I did that would be the one time I drooled in my sleep and someone would snap a photo of me.

The last thing that I want is a photo of sleeping Jack and his amazing 12' of drool covered pillow.

Oy vey.


... Is the Window to Our Soul said...

I wonder if its safe for kids to use in their booster seats. I always feel bad seeing my kids head droop and bounce all around when they fall asleep in the car.

cruisin-mom said...

Oh, my , God, that's is the best invention ever! (drool or no drool)

Regina said...

Having just traveled overseas, there is no way that thing is going to fit on your little table and the seat in front of you- just no way. It assumes that the person in front is not going to recline his seat! It looks great but I just don't see it working!
signed, Disgruntled Traveler...

Jack Steiner said...


Good question, I don't know.


It looks a little big.


I always get stuck behind the guy who puts their seat all the way back.

Richmond said...

I can *never* relax enough to sleep during travel. They only time I have ever fallen asleep on a plane was for maybe 15 minutes and only because I had been up for 48 hours (the kids had the stomach flu - consecutively...)

Jack Steiner said...


Sorry to hear that, I can sleep anywhere.

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