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Ways To Make a Woman Crazy

Tell her:

"I kind of love you."

"Our relationship is decent."

"You are not my friend, you are my wife."

When she hugs you make sure that you say something like "you smell just like mom" or "grandma has the same perfume."

And that my friends is five minutes worth of silly posting created especially for someone I kind of love. Hee hee.


AbbaGav said…
As posts go, that wasn't too bad.
Anonymous said…
Subtitle: "How to get slapped. Hard."

You bad, bad man.
Robbie said…
funny many. funny, funny man.
Ger Tzadik said…
When's the sequel? (How To Make Your Mom Cry)

I am chagrined to admit that I have said more than one of those things to girlfriends in the past. Good thing for fast learning...those mistakes were never repeated. Honest Engineer. Two things most women don't understand at all.
MC Aryeh said…
Those are all sure-fire ways. But I am kind of surprised you didn't include:

"Do you think those jeans make you look fat?"

That is definitely slap-inducing.
Regina said…
I always hated when I asked my husband how I looked and he said, "Nice..."

Nice? What is nice? Not beautiful, not ravishing, only nice... grrr...
Jack Steiner said…

It all depends on who and where. ;)




We can do that. ;)


How could I forget that one. ;)
MCA - 0h yes, you are right on with that one.

I think Jack, I am going to run with this post on my blog but change it to a Man. My husband will back me up that I have plenty of wisdom to offer.