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Bathroom Affairs

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Ray Bridges said…
I once stepped onto an empty elevator and released the tiniest of farts which immediately filled the elevator with green gas, the kind that would have made flowers wilt. Those little ones are the deadliest, no? The elevator stopped on the next floor and a fat woman stepped in. Smelling my fart, she turned beet red. The elevator stopped at the next floor and half a dozen people came on, and since the smell was still lingering, they all stared at the fat woman who again turned bright red, because we all know that fat women fart. Should I have volunteered the fact that it was me and not the fat woman who farted? Maybe I should have, but I just stared at her with the rest of them.
Stacey said…
I would have done the same thing. LOL
AS said…
Firstly if you are going to post an audio can you please make it listenable? What was with all that wind? I know it was you Jack you make a mess wherever you go:)
Jack Steiner said…

You have a twisted sense of humor. I like that.


I am sure.


What wind? ;)Just remember these are not required nor suggested listening material.