Women and the Look of Death

One of the hallmarks of women is that most of you have mastered the "Look of Death." You know the one I am talking about. It is that look you give to us when we pretend not to hear you ask us to take out the trash.

It is the look you give that man/woman who just cut you off. The one where lightning comes out of your eyes and smoke escapes from your nose and ears. And we just know that when your mouth opens flames are going to come shooting out.

Do you take classes on it? Do you and your girlfriends practice giving it?

I wonder.


Anonymous said...

I've seen little girls as young as three who have mastered The Look. We learn it from our Mamas.

Bkbuds said...

It's encoded in that extra smidgen of chromosome we get at conception.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

They are born with that eye play ability. Anyone knows it, and you surprise me, pardner (competitor, I would say, if our chances didn't look that pitiful).

P.S. Competition notwithstanding, how about a link to our place (yes, I a somewhat of a link whore for now)?


Goldie said...


No and No. It's one of those things we're born with that makes us "inherently different" from men.

Jack Steiner said...

My daughter gave me the look earlier today. For heavens sake she is 18 months. Oy!

chosha said...

We learn it from our mothers, mostly because of stuff that our fathers do. :)

Anonymous said...

I think some women are born with "the look" and I think for others, it takes time to master the look.

My husband calls my "look", the "Icy Glare". LOL.

Jack Steiner said...


Without men the world would be awfully dull, don't you think. ;)


I swear that my sisters used to practice in the mirror.

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