Mice Trouble

Right now I feel a little bit like Tom from the Tom and Jerry show. You see, I am having a bit of a mouse problem and at the moment the $^#&^#&%&# mouse is getting the better of me.

I am going a little nuts because no matter what I do it seems that the #^#&%&#%#%# mouse is one step ahead of me. I should add that aside from the obvious differences between Tom and I, there is one other significant distinction.

The mouse I am battling is the ^$^#%&Y#&Y#% mouse I use for the computer. It seems to be following the beat of its own drummer. I have cleaned, polished, banged, begged, abused and worked it over but none of these has fixed the problem.

So for the rest of the evening I am going to subject myself to the willful insubordination of machine versus man. But come tomorrow I will purchase a replacement and this foolishness will end.

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