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Last week I spent a few minutes writing about the most time consuming part of blogging. Today I want to follow up on that by voicing the thing that so many of us wonder.

Where do our regulars go when they are not here? What did we do to make them leave and why did they go? Has our blog jumped the shark? Have we become the boring and idiotic blog that we once mocked. Why, oh why are they not here? It doesn't matter if it is 3:15 am on a Saturday night. Why,oh why have they forsaken us.

Maybe we just need more cowbell.


stc said...

It's just like other kinds of relationships. You establish a connection, then drift apart. Sad but seemingly inevitable in most cases.

And lots of people start out blogging with great enthusiasm, then fall by the wayside. So you lose them as commenters but it has nothing to do with you personally.

Jack Steiner said...

Hi Q,

Very true. It is one of those things that I find to be so very interesting. It is like a fire that uses up all of the oxygen.

For a while it burns hot and bright and then it just fizzles out.

Anonymous said...

"Ech", how depressing.

Perhaps some of your regulars visited often because of circumstances in their life that afforded them the time. And now they no longer have that time.

As long as you have a blog, Jack, I shall never forsake you. (smile) Besides, you don't seem like the fizzling type to me.

~ Stacy ~

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