I am Bothered By This

My son is currently undergoing a Scooby-Doo addiction which has raised a number of questions for me. I addressed one of them here.

Right now I have one issue with the show. Who is bankrolling those meddling kids. They seem to have endless amounts of free time to go solve mysteries and they never lack money to pay for gas, Scooby snacks and or copious amounts of food.

I need to get me a piece of that gig.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Jack, I am in Scooby-Doo pergatory with you. We have a serious addiction here with my oldest children, which may require methadone treatment (for me, that is). I loved SD as a child, but after watching "Scooby-Doo Meets the Harlem Globetrotters" approximately 800 times, I think I am over it. One of my children now thinks it is hilarious to answer all of my questions in the "Scooby accent". Another child thought it would be great fun to make "Shaggy Sandwiches" for dinner one night. Think mile-high sub-sandwiches. Actually, that was kind of fun. Messy, but fun. Ah, the joys of early childhood parenting...I suspect when they are teens, and we are ALL having angst about that, I will long for the days of Scooby and the Harlem Globetrotters!


Jack Steiner said...


Shaggy Sandwiches. I like it.


That is as good an answer as I have heard.

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