Too Much Content

Many of you have remarked about how prolific I am. Some of you have said that you wish that you could produce content at the same pace as I do and have asked if I have any suggestions.

Well, I don't, not really. My brain often operates at hyperspeed. That is not to suggest that I am hyperactive, although at times it would be an accurate description. I also can be exceptionally relaxed and mellow. I love to climb on the couch, turn on the stereo and just lay back and listen to music. I like to think and mull over life.

The reality is that at times I feel like I am going to burst, there is so much going on inside my head. I can sit here and write for hours upon hours and not run out of material. This begs the question of quantity versus quality. Am I producing solid material.

The answer is that in my opinion it is a mixed bag. Some of what I write makes me cringe. It is not nearly as sharp or eloquent as it could and should be. Sometimes I write and rewrite the same post a dozen times. And sometimes I just trash it because the quality is unacceptable.

I have chosen to use this place as an outlet, a release for all of the pressure and stress of life. That is why I called it Random Thoughts and not something else.

Tonight I had five other topics that I wanted to blog about but I think that I need to try and save something for later.

There are times in which I get stumped and stuck for content too. This blog has become very important to me, surprisingly so. I didn't expect it to hold the importance it does but like so many other things in life it has been a pleasant surprise.


Pragmatician said...

am going to burst, there is so much going on inside my head. I can sit here and write for hours I know what you mean, sometimes out of nowhere I have something I want to write about and run to the nearest computer before I forget.
Naturally most great ides come to me on Shabbes :)

Jack Steiner said...

That kind of stuff happens to me all of the time. Usually I am in the shower or occupied and unable to even jot a note down.

MC Aryeh said...

Very high quality ratio on the blog, Jack. Just hard to keep up with sometimes! What has the blog come to mean to you? Would love to read more on that...

Jack Steiner said...

Hi MCAryeh,

Thanks. I may blog about that tonight. I have a couple of posts that I want to throw up first.

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