November 13, 2005

History's Most Underrated Inventions

The following link provides a list of items that the columnist suggests are some of the most underrated inventions. Such lists are subjective, but I enjoy reading them and considering whether I agree with the assertions that have been made.

The hard part in some respects is trying to get a consensus on what kind of recognition should be given in order to say that something was not underrated. Anyway, that is a different discussion.

Here is the list. Use the link above to try and understand his reasoning.

1. The chariot.
2. Concrete.
3. Horse collar.
4. Longbow.
5. Eyeglasses.
6. Rotary printing press.
7. Barbed wire.
8. Carborundum.
9. Bakelite.


Anonymous said...

Talk about underrated inventions, look at

Stephen (aka Q) said...

Very interesting. Carborundum was the one that surprised me most, when I read his explanation. I was familiar with it because some kids used a small block of carborundum to sharpen their skate blades. But I had no idea it was pivotal for industry, and hence for many of the mass-produced objects we take for granted (like cameras).

Jack's Shack said...

Hi Q,

I am glad that someone took a look at this list. I find these types of discussions to be interesting.

Bill said...

The invention Bakelite got me.

All I could think of was the hideous smell that comes from a burning Bakelite plate when you accidentally leave it on the stove top.How could that be an underrated invention? Then I looked it up. I had no idea it was the first plastic.

Jack's Shack said...

I didn't know that either.