User Friendly Blogs

I underwent Lasik surgery a little more than four years ago. It was great! After 20 years of glasses/contacts I was finally able to see again and see quite well. I know from the experience of the past several years that my vision is excellent.

It is superior to many of the people around me which is why I get especially irritated when I encounter blogs that are not user friendly. They have strange colors, fonts that are intentionally mismatched and all sorts of other crap that just gives me a headache.

In my book they are right next to the people who constantly have to blog about their cats, which is to say not very high.


A Simple Jew said...

Jack: I am happy to hear the good news. Enjoy your new eyes! ;)

PsychoToddler said...

I had the surgery too and I've never looked back!

callieischatty said...

I have often wondered about the cat blogging.

But then when you read blogs you see that the human race has more variety in thought than we ever imagined.

This is what I find amazing.

Anonymous said...

My dogs have lodged a formal protest with Blogger against cat blogs.

Jack Steiner said...


Thank your dogs for me and hi to the rest of you. :)

P.S. PT, I would have paid a million for the surgery, it is awesome.

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