Frantic Blogging Comments

I received an email a short time ago in which I was asked to slow down the frantic blogging because I wasn't giving people enough time to keep up or catch up as the case may be.

This is an area I addressed several months ago but I cannot recall exactly when or what the title of the post was to refer to it, so I'll just start from scratch.

There is merit to the suggestion of slowing down somewhat and spending more time on making sure that the posts I put out are of the highest quality. I compose on the computer and almost never rewrite anything. I usually make it work without too much trouble.

But there is the QA issue and I have to admit that if I wanted to I could slow things down and raise the quality of some posts by rewriting them. There is a simple reason why I do not do so.

I don't want to.

I like rambling on about whatever thoughts are in my head and commenting about the various stories that catch my eye. I find it to be enjoyable and oftentimes relaxing and frankly my brain often operates at hyperspeed so this provides a snapshot of me.

One other thing to mention. As far as I am concerned there is no rule or reason why people cannot comment on older posts. And for that matter if you think that a post was outstanding and want it to be noted as such let me know and I'll file it somewhere so that it can be revisited at later date.

I will go on vacation again so I'll need some material to keep the troops entertained.


Anonymous said...

Even though people can comment on older posts, I notice no one ever does. It's the allure of the new. So, if you have a particularly interesting post, it is good to sometimes just leave it up for commenters to respond to each other. A blog is like the wedding ceremony -- you might think it is for you, but really it's for the guests.

Your quality is just fine. But your mind is just too fast and vibrant for us slowpokes sometimes. One trick is to sometimes add a new post, but cheat and put the popular one back on top by fudging the time of the post. OK, it's cheating, but who will notice...

PsychoToddler said...

i agree ithsot noice to type quickolyt and ramble on abit with out aediting your work and who caresw hat other peole think!

on the other hand, i grr e ithw neil imena niel that if the posts sink to far below the top of the screen people cant find theme aneny more and then they dont' comment and you mahy have somm cool stuff ther but then it s gone so you cant keep up with it so whi not kee = the good one s on top?

Michael Suddard said...

I just read what I can when I have the time. Sometimes I miss a few posts, but that is fine. Sometimes I skip posts because they don't interest me.

Keep up the good postings.

Anonymous said...

what anglomom said

Anonymous said...

callieischatty -- of course your blog is for you, but if you write your post in the forest with no internet access for anyone to read it, is it still a blog?

stc said...

There was a stretch in August when several of my favourite bloggers all apparently went on vacation at the same time. I was so glad to see all the interesting stuff on your blog, Jack, when I was greatly in need of a blogging fix!

This is the only blog I know where there is almost always something new every time I come back … even if I drop by three times in one day.

I know, I should get a life.

Jack Steiner said...


I most certainly will keep doing it. I am a bit of a contrarian by nature. Tell me no and I'll keep doing it.


That is a good suggestion, maybe I will bump some back up.


Steve you are a hell of a guy.




It is a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.


Sometimes the comments can be the most entertaining aspect of a post.




I have seen your blog and you clearly have a life. :) Your posts make it clear that you must do something outside of blogging.

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

The blog belongs to you and is an expression of your feelings.

Sometimes, I get caught up into what reactions I will have from my audience, when in reality what should matter the most are our own thoughts and the matter in which they are expressed.

What motivates you to write? yourself or others or both?

Good Shabbbos

Gail said...

Blogs that post many posts serve as an inspiration to those of us who would if we could, but can't, so we don't.

I say, post away whenever and however often you feel like it. The best thing about blogs is the way they express the personality of each blogger differently.

Jack Steiner said...

Hi Gail and Barbara,


Lil Bit said...

Your single comment in this post "I don't want to" just made me really LOL. And it pretty much says it all. Do what you WANT to do on your own blog. Who cares if some folks can't keep up? Jeez!

rabbi neil fleischmann said...

My father thinks that I post often, having discovered the blog months ago and now visiting it daily. I should send him to yours to see what posting often means.

Chana said...

I agree! Go ahead. I enjoy the frantic blogging. :-)

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