A Few Odds and Ends To Share with you

Here are assorted odds and ends to share with you, the reader.

I stumbled across a show that I think is just ridiculous, but funny. I could not help myself, I had to watch bits and pieces of it. It is called Dancing With the Stars and it just made me chuckle.

Dancing with the Stars is a totally unique and original series that pairs a celebrity with a professional dance partner as they train and then compete in front of a studio audience in a televised dance competition. The pairs will be judged by a panel of experts and also by viewers at home, with one couple being eliminated each week."

Just what I wanted to see, a parody of The Surreal Life in which stars who no longer have it try to strut their stuff. Let me tell you, this is no Dance Fever and certainly no Solid Gold. Somewhere Deney Terio is tearing hair out. For that matter if you looked at the Deney Terio link you'll see that the man had a couple of interesting roles in his post Dance Fever life such as playing Khan`s Crewman #11 in Star Trek- The Wrath of Khan.

BeFrank was accosted by Michael Jackson fanatics. Show him some love and let him know that he would have been justified in laying some of these people out. The only person I find stranger and scarier than Michael is the woman who released the doves as the verdict in the case was read. Ok, scratch that, I find the whole lot of them to be unhinged. Who quits their job to sit in front of a courthouse to pray for his being exonerated. I still enjoy a few of his songs. I am not afraid to admit it, but the only thing harder to watch than this spectacle is Evander Holyfield on Dancing With The Stars.

Treppenwitz wrote about the Carnival of the Blind Dates. I did a piss poor job of describing one of my worst, but enjoyed reading about the others, especially kakarizz who shared the following tale:

I still get a chill when I remember my worst blind date, It was the second. She was Ethiopian and came from a very insecure part of the city and I had to go get her from her dad's place (even worsened the situation). I'm just about to reach her house, very much ontime (atleast I knew her place), when a gang of 10-13 hoodlums armed with crude weapons pounce on me [4 is manageable but anything more than a 6-man gang is def. not even worth raising an alarm for] - they took my new pair of jeans and my shirt. Yup! that left me half naked...oh! did I mention they took my shoes too, so after they leave(casually) and I walk up to the girls house - shock on me!! - the dad opens the gate and immediatley closes it, obviously thinking I was a mad-man, even after requesting to talk to the girl as he walked back to the house..I borrow some pants, t-shirt and tyre-made sandals(that's all the charcoal dealer had to give) in sheer frustration and promise to return them (yeah right!!) and WALK all the way back to my house just to find 10 missed calls from her and a voice mail saying she's no longer interested, I WASTED ALL HER TIME!!.....The rest is History"

The Shmata Queen survived a day with the doc and her daughter's surgery. Glad to hear that. But it could have been worse, she could have been forced to move back to cleveland, which is as we all know the Native American term for Latrine. Cuyahoga is their word for toilet paper and it refers to the tree bark they used for, well you know.

I have been participating in a group blog over here. I have enjoyed it, but I am wondering if anyone besides those of us participating are reading it.

Vince is currently engaging in heresy and blasphemy. She has given up a car. WTF is up with that. Ok, I understand what is up with that, but I am a true Californian and I won't give my car up ever and even then it won't happen. I ran across an '73 Fleetwood Convertible not so long ago and played around with the idea of buying it. I have great memories of driving a boat like that. It is Summer, good music blasting from the stereo and a dozen of the boys and I cruising up the coast. Good times.

One of these days I'll have to blog about the time we rented two 31 foot Winnebagos and drove them from LA to San Francisco. I parked one of those bad boys at Fisherman's Wharf. We barely made it through the gate, or should I say that I barely made it work. I was 21 and I had about 18 drunk college boys in the back. For a while there was a keg in the bathroom.

Let me tell you how much fun it was to tap on the brakes when some of those boys staggered into the head. Hee hee. It is stories like these that make me wonder who let me become a parent. My children are going to have to work hard to fool me, I have done so many different things. Of course they are both smarter than I am, so it may not be that hard.

Time to get some shuteye. Here is a list of what I have been listening to tonight. Sorry for the formatting issues.

Remember When Alan Jackson
Uninvited Alanis Morissette
Golden Slumbers The Beatles
In My Life The Beatles
Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy) Big & Rich
Lean on Me Bill Withers
Knockin' on Heaven's Door Bob Dylan
Subterranean Homesick Blues Bob Dylan
Lay, Lady, Lay Bob Dylan
The Fire Inside Bob Seger
Whiskey Lullaby Brad Paisley
Born To Run Bruce Springsteen
Tunnel Of Love Bruce Springsteen
The Boys Of Summer Don Henley
Suspicious Minds Elvis Presley
Burning Love Elvis Presley
Cry Faith Hill
It Was A Very Good Year Frank Sinatra
My Way Frank Sinatra
If You Could Read My Mind Gordon Lightfoot
Boulevard of Broken Dreams Green Day
Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) Green Day
Ring Of Fire Johnny Cash
(Ghost) Riders In The Sky Johnny Cash
Ghost Riders in the Sky Johnny Cash & Willie Nelson
Mr. Brightside The Killers
Your Time Is Gonna Come Led Zeppelin
Nobody's Fault But Mine Led Zeppelin
What's Going On Marvin Gaye
Visions of Paradise Mick Jagger
Beautiful Moby
Float On Modest Mouse
Hard to Handle Otis Redding
Always on My Mind Pet Shop Boys
Come Talk to Me Peter Gabriel
Secret World Peter Gabriel
I Want To Break Free Queen
A Song For You Ray Charles
Crazy Love Ray Charles & Van Morrison
Young Turks Rod Stewart
Forever Young Rod Stewart
Crying Roy Orbison
Walk On [Live] U2
Where the Streets Have No Name (Live from Rotterdam) U2
Love Ain't for Keepin' The Who
Hey Jude Wilson Pickett
Mustang Sally Wilson Pickett
As Good As I Once Was Toby Keith


Anonymous said...

Good listening list. There's a few on there I haven't heard in awhile... have to give them a listen.

Karen said...

I saw the preview for Dancing with the Stars and couldn't bring myself to watch it... but maybe I should have taped it, I could always use some laughs ;-)

You've got some good tunes listed there.

Have a good day!

Anonymous said...

Funny that you mentioned Queen. Yesterday, I was driving my teenage girls and their friend when "Killer Queen" came on the radio. Daughter's comment: "and you think *our* music is scary..."

Score one for Mom.

Thanks for the great posts, and yes, I have read the group blog. Rock on.

Stacey said...

Love the Springsteen.


Jack Steiner said...

Hi Stacey, Cindra, Karen and Judi,

You all have great taste in music. ;)

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