March 14, 2005

The Dinner Meme

The Dinner Meme as taken from Pandora asks you to list a number of Bloggers you would ask to join you at a dinner party. Each invitation would be based upon the Blogger fulfilling one of the characteristics below.

For wisdom:
For generosity:
For youth:
For hilarity:
For beauty:
For bravery:
For independence:
For gratitude:
For friendship

I like having dinner parties and have held many in my day. For something like this I am a little bit torn as to whether I would want to have that many people at dinner. It would be hard to speak with everyone, but just for the sake of the meme I am going to play along, sort of. That is, I am going to list nine or ten bloggers that would be fun/interesting to meet and eat with.

By no means is this is a complete list, but it covers a lot of different people with different thoughts and ideas so it should be interesting.





Ben Chorin

Biur Chametz

Boys at Toner Mishap



Psycho Toddler

Rishon Rishon

Miriam and Paul

Shmata Queen


Daniel Pipes

*A brief update. Apparently there was a glitch in the links. I am not sure what happened other than Blogger added characters to the URLs which caused all sorts of chaos. It should be fixed now. My apologies.

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