More Japanese men prefer sitting- Or more information then you need

"Almost one in every four Japanese men sits down on the toilet to urinate, according to a survey by Toto Corp., the country's biggest manufacturer of toilets.

Toto's poll of 2,312 adult men from across Japan discovered that 23.7 percent sat down while having a pee.
Nearly half of those who sat instead of stood said they did so because it made cleaning cisterns simpler, while almost as many said it simply felt more comfortable.

Three years ago, Toto conducted a similar poll amongst housewives, asking them the toiletry habits of the men in their homes, finding that about only one in seven sat while urinating.

Sitters are becoming increasingly common, like the 24-year-old company employee from Kawasaki who joined their ranks upon marrying six months ago.

"It's my job to clean the toilet and I used to find my aim wasn't too good," the man, who declined to be named, told the Mainichi. "Once I'd gotten used to sitting, I learned to relax."

I don't understand what the issue is with aiming. Unless you are blind or have trouble holding on it is not that difficult.


SelenaJ said...

Men's lives are just full of such difficult decisions lol, I'm glad I'm a woman.

Hokule'a Kealoha said...

I have two males in my house that have a bad aim one is my cat, who really needs a wadeing pool for a litter box and my hubby who has his own bathroom that I jokingly tell people that Saddam parked his Bio WMDs in there. Truth be told its not the aim I think its the follow through of the stroke so to speak... the cat bails before hes done and the husband who knows...maybe he should turn the light on

NovemberChild said...

Maybe next time I should read from the bottom up - at least now I understand the joke behind SelenJ's post for the man cutting off his penis

Jack Steiner said...

I still say look before you sit down and you won't have any complaints.

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