What can you say?

I spent time debating on how crude I would get in my Blog, it is after all my public face. But then I decided that I feel like keeping it somewhat "real." Life is really chaotic and "crazy busy" now. My father has been ill for more than a month and locked up in a hospital in New Jersey.

If I spent any more time there I might be locked up to, but for different reasons. The fercockteh jughandles are idiotic and more trouble than they are worth. If I ever run for Senate and win I am cutting off their federal funding, or enlisting Tony Soprano's crew to run things for me.

Yesterday they took blood from my arm for a basic blood count. When I removed the bandage it suddenly became apparent that my arm was bruised and discolored in a coupld of spots. I am 35, what is the deal with this bruising.

Today at my basketball game I told the guys that I caught my arm on the rim and that they should watch out or I would rain a firestorm of dunks and points upon them. Ok, I can't dunk, but I did manage to touch the rim. Not bad for a white Jewish guy who stands 5'10 and weighs 230.

I may not be very athletic, but G-d did bless me with strength, an attitude and exceptional flatulence. You never know when you need the turbo to kick in. If I didn't mention it before I am a Taurus.....

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