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I have all of two minutes now before we venture into TIVO land. We got TIVO so that it would be easier to find time to watch a few TV shows that are not child friendly. It got to be so easy to watch shows that we have become Tivoized and now have way too many shows.

I think that I am going to have to go cold turkey one day or at least give up a few shows so that what little time I have reappears. That is the problem with being a reality tv junkie.

Survivor, Amazing Race and a couple others have occupied us way too frequently. I haven't spent any real time considering the ramifications of this. It dawns upon me that some people will consider me to be a part of the cultural dumbing down of America, but on the other hand I can claim to have read more books on more topics than most people. I can quote Shakespeare, Faust, Whitworth, Proust and Homer Simpson. DOH! So what, what does it all mean.

We are living in an age of information overload with so much stimulation and not much time to process or determine if these things are meaningful. And that in my mind is more important than so many other things we cry about.