June 20, 2015

Lebron Loses Again

Somewhere in the blog is a post I wrote about how Lebron would have to leave cleveland to win a championship.

Some people disagreed and said he would never leave but history proved me right about that and wrong about him coming back.

So for kicks let me throw out again a prediction that he won't win a championship in cleveland. It is the kind of thing that will generate an emotional response from fans who will tell me they didn't win this year because of injuries.

I don't buy it.

That is because with Irving and Love he subjugates part of his game and doesn't play to his ability. Without them he plays as hard as he can but he isn't good enough to carry the team the distance.

He is not the player he once was, age and mileage have already caught up with him and his skills will continue to diminish. Unless he is given more serious help than he has the best he can hope for is the chance to improve his championship record from 2-6 in the championship to something like 2-8 or maybe 2-9.

Always on the other side of the mountain looking at the promised land because that team is cursed and until it is removed they aren't going anywhere.

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