June 06, 2015

Cleaning Up Old Posts

Been digging through old posts and trying to clean up the stuff that is riddled with bad links and poor formatting.

Came across some of the first works of fiction I wrote like this one, and have been trying to fix the formatting there too, at least over at TheJackB.

Haven't been as good about doing so here, but that is because this has taken on a secondary role.

Hardest part of all of this is time, there just isn't enough so I do this kind of stuff as I stumble across it.

At the moment I am working on a sponsored post that is supposed to go up Monday which is why I am in the archives because I am trying to insert appropriate links.

I suppose the sponsored stuff is easier to work on, at least from a cleaning up perspective because there is a return on my time.

I still maintain The Sound Of Music Sucks.

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