January 12, 2015

Is It Gaming The System

Is is gaming the system to use this blog to try and build links and relevance? Beats me and I am not entirely sure how effective it is, but I don't think it is hurting anything either.

So here are 37 links to material some posts, some of which are even worth reading.

  1. What Kind Of Father Are You?
  2. I Found You Again
  3. Spirits Of The Future Or Shades Of The Past
  4. Experience The Joys Of Blog Maintenance
  5. Bad Things Happen When You Get Bored With Blogging
  6. Dads & Daughters Are Different
  7. How To Make Hard Decisions Easier
  8. What Is Your Mission For 2015?
  9. Would You Put Your Life On Slideshare?
  10. This Post Won’t Inspire You Unless You’re…
  11. The Fifty Posts You Didn’t Read On New Year’s Eve
  12. Do You Read The Blogs You Follow?
  13. Fourteen Years Later He’s Looking For Better Advice
  14. Do Mom & Dad Bloggers Make Better Family?
  15. It’s The Kind Of Life We Should Live
  16. Men Use Pinterest Too
  17. Is It Legal To Murder Santa Claus?
  18. Sometimes Dad’s Just Don’t Know
  19. It Is The End Of The Beginning
  20. Bloggers Need The Write Stuff
  21. Success Is More About Effort Than Luck
  22. He Named His Intention Texas
  23. What’s Your Story?
  24. Writing, Ranches & Relationships
  25. Hunger Does Strange Things To Men
  26. A Letter To Grandpa
  27. How Big Is The Space You Work In?
  28. Is There Such A Thing As Too Many Gifts?
  29. Outlines Kill Blogs, People & Aliens
  30. How A Big P**** Helps Bloggers
  31. When Gratitude Goes AWOL
  32. Cancel Christmas Because I Beat Up Santa Claus
  33. The Lonely Blogger
  34. The Art Of Blogging & Bad Meatloaf
  35. How Bad Bloggers Make Good Bloggers Sexier
  36. Why You Should Never Blog About Sex With Clergy Members
  37. Contradictions

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