January 10, 2014

What Can You Do With 15 Minutes?

I don't know about you but today is one of those days where I feel like the guy in the ball. Just bouncing down the hill in a bubble that I hope doesn't pop or get popped.

Got just a few moments before it is time to start running hard, so I have to do what I can to stop things long enough to try and steer the ship.

Don't know if this makes sense or not, but that is what happens when you give yourself 15 minutes to write and end up having to do it in five.

Writing in the raw. Got more to say, more to share and a lot more to do so it is time to roll again. Want more to read?

Try some of these:

The Dad Blogger’s Guide To Blogging- A Writer’s Tool Kit Part One


Damn formatting issues, no time to fix them now, my apologies.

1 comment:

Ann Imig said...

Sounds like song lyrics to me!