May 12, 2013

A Path Only I Can See

There are days when I know I am traveling along a path only I can see. Don't care if it looks strange to others or if they wonder why I am zigging while they zag.\

I am not one of the sheeple who does as others because I fear looking foolish.Hell I have looked like a fool and even acted the part more than once.

It happens.

It is ok because I can only dance to the beat of the drums I hear. At night when the lights go out I have to be able to go to sleep knowing what I did and how I did it.

And I have to be able to feel good about that.

Most of the time I do. Most of the time I shut my eyes knowing that I did my best and even if I fell short I am good with it. Every now and then there are moments where I wonder if I could done things differently.

I don't particularly like those but they are a part of life and I defy people to say it never happens to them.

And now links to posts I wrote once upon a time. Some of these keep showing up in my stats so I wonder if they are linked somewhere and I just haven't found them.

Might revisit and review them at some point or not.

1 comment:

Pragmatician said...

Good for you for not following others , that's the real foolishness!