November 13, 2012

The Fire Burns Bright

Been sifting through the posts here that are labeled Fragments of Fiction so that I can try to confirm they are all backed up and protected from being lost.

It is not because I intend to delete this blog or have any plans to abandon it, but things happen. I could always decide to walk away, Blogger could disappear or more likely they could delete/remove/suspend this account for any reason they choose.

Again, I have no reason to believe this will happen but experience has taught me to not rely solely upon my gut. As shocking as it may sound, sometimes I am proven and or found to be wrong.

Yeah, I know it is surprising but it has happened more than once and probably will again. So my goal is to do what I can to protect myself and my work.

Sometimes I figure screw it, no one but me will notice if it disappears or if I never write again. Sometimes I think about hanging up the keyboard and starting over somewhere else.

New beginnings are kind of fun and I have had a few during the last few years so I am getting to be pretty good at it.

But there is something to be said for the old familiar faces and places routine and this one is part of that group.

And since there is some value in driving traffic to some of the new haunts here are a few links:

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