November 04, 2012

Just Shut Up And Vote

Just told more friends and family to suck it up and shut up. I don't care what you think of Romney/Obama or Obama/Romney. Just shut up.

I voted. I voted with my conscience and with thought. I voted with intent and with purpose.

I am an Independent and I cross party lines without a second thought. Don't care if the Democrats favor or oppose any more than I care if the Republicans do.

That is because I vote base upon the issue. The question is never whether the party supports it but whether it is good for America.

Will it help educate/feed/clothe/house/defend the people without creating major issues elsewhere. Will it make healthcare more affordable or will people go bankrupt trying to take care of themselves and their families.


I have little tolerance for most of the political crap that people try to feed me. When I am nice I am self deprecating about it and describe myself as being a bit of a snob, but that is not fair to me.

That is because I didn't sleep through school or cheat my way through basic civics. I paid attention in history. I listened to my Constitutional Law professors and did my best to absorb all that was thrown my way.

It is because I operate in the real world. I am a writer who loves to write fiction but when it comes to politics it is simple to me.

You won't hear me rattle on about what the world should be like because I am focused on what it is like. If you don't like what it is going on then work within the system to change it and stop wasting our time talking about how it should be.

That damn river never should have burst into flames and people shouldn't die from hunger but it happens.

So what do we do about it besides bitch and moan.

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