October 28, 2012

Free Writing

People ask me to tell them the story behind my story because they want to know about the tale behind my tales but I refuse to tell.

Don't ask the magician to share their secret because when you do the mystery of the magic is removed and you lose something more special than you can imagine.

It doesn't really matter much because ultimately I refuse to say more than I have and share more than you have seen.

There are limits to what I will reveal and I simply won't bend. Those few who find their way into the inner circle may learn more but even then it is questionable.

Some of it is because experience has taught me to keep my own counsel for I won't betray myself as others have done. Trust is a commodity and I am cautious with mine.


Gina said...

Probably a good idea but we will always still be curious!

Jack said...

Those how need to know are told and those who don't well, they can ask.