July 22, 2012

Stories To Tell

I have more than a few tales to tell you about what has been going on in my world. I have stories about this and that and things that matter. I have a collection of moments worth mentioning and some that are only of interest because of who you are.

Telephone line, if you would pick it up you would find out if you are always on my mind and I might tell you everything or perhaps I might not.

Does it matter. Should we care. Is it worth breaching the walls of Jericho or is it something not worth doing. Those are questions that could be discussed and perhaps should be discussed, but they won't be talked about here and now.

Not today and probably not tomorrow, but soon...maybe.

For now it is time to get some sleep, time to wrap ourselves in a Shmata and think about the things that bring peace and quiet.

Now is the time to close our eyes and dream about how to live our dreams and not dream our lives.


Pragmatician said...

love the finishing quote,it's true and practical, only so difficult.

Jack said...

We do what we can.