June 12, 2012

Changes and Travel

Won't be very long before the Traveling Jack show hits the road again. Got the word today that a big trip is coming and am sort of excited about it.

Can't say much and won't say much other than if things go the way I expect there will be some pretty big changes. I am excited about it but a bit nervous.

The unknown offers so many possibilities. I choose to look at all this in the most positive way but that doesn't mean that my head isn't spinning a bit with the possibilities.

I like possibilities because they open us up to opportunities and that is a good thing. Life isn't stagnant and you can't ever force time to stop. Can't move backwards so you can only walk forwards into the future and do the best you can to make it what you want.

Got to admit though that I am not as big a flyer as I used to be. Truth is airplane travel wears on me a bit but I am sure that I will get used to it again.

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