April 21, 2012

Shameless Promotion

It is shameless promotion time. I am busting my ass trying to build the subscriber base and community for both TheJackB and Words Left Unspoken.

That is because I have taken a very active role in trying to live my dreams and not dream my life away. Some people are content to pass the time away. Even though they say they aren't happy they just tread water and figure one day something will change.

Not me, I don't want to end wherever the current takes me. I am trying to steer the ship as best I can. I am working on several books right now. Some of them will be published as eBooks but the story at WUL is something that I have bigger dreams for.

I am pitching agents and exploring publishing options. If nothing else I can self publish, but I have received enough positive feedback to think I can find someone to publish it. It is not quite done yet but it is close.

Someone once told me that they would work so that I could write. I wish that I had followed up on that for a million different reasons. Writing is a passion. It is something that comes naturally but with practice I can become better.

Passion. That is what writing is. That fire in my belly never goes out. It is just one big ring of fire that burns, burns, burns.

I'd love for you to join me on this journey. Become a fan of my Facebook page. Subscribe to my blog and be prepared for the newsletter that I am building.

Life is a journey and it doesn't all have to be fantasy. Join me.

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