April 07, 2012


Sometimes I am amazed by how relationships evolve and change through time. There are people we promise the world too because in our eyes they deserve it.

They deserve all that we can give and then a little bit more for no other reason than because we care for them. When it works the way it is supposed to you feel a little bit like God is smiling down upon you and you can't help but believe that the sunshine and blue skies are there just for you.

It is natural and normal for things to turn and evolve. It is not unexpected to see relationships move like the tide. There are moments where it is like high tide and then low tide comes.

Nothing wrong with low tide other than when you find yourself waiting for high tide and discover that it doesn't seem to be coming back.

If you are smart you don't panic because there are a million different reasons why that tide isn't coming back the way you want it to. So you head out into the sea and search for the thing that is blocking it. You look for answers to what is preventing those waves from rushing back to you.

But what do you do when you can't quite figure out what is obstructing the tide. What happens when you can't see the blockage or figure out how to remove it. Do you shrug your shoulders and move on because you can't tear down the dam that is preventing the water from returning.

Or do you set up camp on the beach so that you can watch and wait because it is not inconceivable that this blockage will be resolved by other forces.

It is a subjective question and you'll likely find that the answers vary tremendously among people. Ultimately you have to figure out which choice helps you sleep at night.

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