March 22, 2012

The Music Is The Message

Early morning just past sunrise and I am alone with the dogs, computer and music. Neil Young is singing Imagine now and I remember.

That is because it is part of the 911 tribute and the words/music take me back for a moment to a time that was and a place that doesn't stand any longer.

Neil finishes singing and the shuffle sends me The Fool On The Hill and the words speak to me. They float through the air around my head, caress my face and send my heart soaring to look for that thing that I know is out there.

It is not as goofy or silly as it sounds and if I am to take the message from the song I shouldn't care what people think anyway. That works for me because I don't. My concern isn't with others but with the feeling that I have now that is pushing me to take certain steps that provide a greater degree of risk than normal.

It is awkward trying to determine if I have enough faith in myself to accept that I if I fall I will learn how to fly or alternatively be able to pick myself up off of the ground.

Not sure why because my entire life this is what I have done- grow wings or dust off the bruises.

The shuffle has moved onto Jimi Hendrix singing Can You See Me and I am growing intrigued. The Boss follows with Trouble River and then The Doors tell to Break On Through.

That is the answer. That is what I have been searching for. Break on Through is the message that I needed to hear. It resonates with me and I will respond.

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