February 11, 2012

Our Priorities Are Skewed

Whitney Houston died today at age 48. The media reports haven't said what the cause of death but there is much speculation that it was due to drug use. That could mean that it was an overdose or that it was from complications from prior drug use.

It makes me angry to see how many people are tweeting about this. It makes me angry to see all of the Facebook status reports and the million news stories that have surfaced about her death.

I am sorry for her friends and family because 48 is far too young. It is a tragic death but unless I am seriously mistaken it is one that could have been avoided. She wouldn't be the first person to die as a result of their addiction or things related to it and she won't be the last.

Don't lecture me about how addiction is a disease and that I am being too hard on Whitney because this isn't about Whitney. If it was I would still say it is tragic and I would tell you that I have friends and family who have battled addiction. I'd tell you that I believe that there is a disease involved here, but again it is not about Whitney.

I am angry because the world is filled with hungry and homeless people. I am angry because I know more than a few people who are fighting to save their homes and feed their families. I am angry because healthcare is ridiculously expensive and in more than a few cities public education is broken.

I am angry because we have the ability to fix these things but we aren't. I am angry because I get emails from friends/family that are Democrats/Republicans that tell me about how the other side is evil. I am angry because I am tired of the emails, the whining, crying and complaining.

Shut the fuck up and start emailing me with solutions. Start offering suggestions for how we can fix what is broken and stop sending me this political crap about why Obama/Newt/Pelois/Gingrich/Reid is going to destroy America.

I'd write more but I understand there is this great reality television show coming on and ooh, shiny...look how pretty that light is....

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