February 06, 2012


Dear June,

I know that my crazy woman isn't much of a sports fan so there is a good chance that you didn't see the video above yet but even if you did it doesn't matter, because it is that good.

I know that you appreciate Clint as much as I do but even if you didn't I would still show this to you. I'd still show this video to you and we'd talk about it. We'd talk about it because we communicate more effectively than most people do.

We know things about each other and about life. We have lived through some pretty tough moments and stared down more challenges than many. Others have had tougher roads to walk than we have and others have had easier but that doesn't matter.

What matters is that we never gave up....not completely.

Maybe things got tough and we decided it was too hard to keep going on. Maybe it got to be too hard, too rough too crazy so we went out separate ways but that separation was never complete, has never been complete.

You think I am crazy for saying that the connection wasn't ever severed and you wonder why I never gave up hope. Well, that is because my job is to carry the load through this particular time. My job is to put you on my shoulders and walk through the fire so that you don't get burned.

That is what I do. I am good at it. I know how to dance in the flames and I know how to hold my breath underwater for longer than most. But I know that there is going to come a time when my legs are going to falter and that burning inside my lungs is going to hurt too much.

And that is when I am going to need you to remind me about all this. When the fog gets thick around my eyes and I am so tired that I can't see straight I am going to need you to help me come home. But I am not worried about that because you have always been my north star and I know that even if when I am exhausted I can look up in the sky and see you smiling down upon me.

Sooner or later I'll get back up and start walking and it won't matter what is in my way or how far I have to go because I know that you'll be standing there waiting for me.

And that is enough. Just knowing that will give me enough motivation to take one more step and I'll find you. I'll find you. So you hang on. You keep going and I will get there.

It is halftime for us too but the good news is that the second half is going to be so amazing we won't even remember how hard it was during the first. It is going to take a bit of time but we are going to get there, just you wait and Johnny will come marching home.

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