January 16, 2012

Just Write Boychik

It is pushing midnight but I am still awake. Still here at my keyboard searching for the keystrokes that will bring you closer to where I am and where we were.

Unsure and uncertain of how to find them I go back in time to the songs we listened to and hope that music helps to reconnect and recreate the magic of the day and the music of the night.

I do it because I promised to be your hero. I took the vow and swore the oath that will not let me rest. I fight the battles and go to war each day because there are no alternatives for me. It is not hype nor melodrama. I feel and hear the sound of that drummer and I dance because that is what is required.

But I do it with hope and a full heart. I am alone and apart because that is how I choose to be. I choose to remember and to believe in a past and a future that none could have predicted or imagined.

Let others live the life that is dictated by those who haven't the will to chase their true desire. That is not I and that is not you. Perhaps it is what we chose to do or how we chose to live for a time but it isn't who we are.

My heart and my head know better and so does yours. Each day I knock on your door and ask for your hand. Each day I remind you that once a girl let a boy love her and that he would do so again.

Not because of fear or obligation- but because he wants to and so does she. All I ask of you is to live one life together. We who are more together than apart can do what we choose and find a way to overcome the obstacles that exist.

This is a short post I wrote as part of the Just Write project. It was part of a warm up for the story that I am working on over here. If you are interested in reading more of my writing you can always try my main blog.

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