February 27, 2011

Building The Blog- Broken Links Edition

This post really should open up with the sounds of men working. Imagine the sounds of a hammer beating down upon an anvil, the sound of a forge or something similar. That is not a perfect description but it works for now. I blame the lack of coffee following a great night for a description that is lacking that oomph that it deserves.

TheJackB continues to grow and prosper and I am pleased with its progress but there are some issues that need to be addressed. There are two issues that I notice more than anything else; broken links and broken videos.

There are simple explanations for these things. YouTube videos disappear because of copyright claims or because the account associated with them is terminated. It is not unusual but it is irritating because the end result is a giant hole in the post.

Some of these posts are built upon those videos so their absence makes the post worthless or at at minimum...crippled.

Broken links aren't limited to videos. I learned a long time ago much to my chagrin that things I linked to were not permanent. Much as we talk about how things on the net never disappear it is only true to a point. Posts from other bloggers sometimes disappear as do news stories from around the web.

The end result is that TheJackB and this blog look a bit like a cyberspace version of Swiss cheese- they are riddled with holes. I have taken some steps to minimize the problems created by this, but it is not perfect. Still if this were the worst of my problems I would be happy to have it as such.

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