January 02, 2011

Sunday Night Music

Getting the kids ready to go back to school tomorrow. After I finish dancing a jig and get them to bed I'll have time to put up some new posts here and on that other one. Got a feeling that I might revisit Daniel and Anne. Might even let you in on the URL for the new blog, oh the new year is filled with possibilities. In the interim here is some of the music that I have been listening to:

Into The Mystic-Van Morrison
Calypso- John Denver
Mess Around- Ray Charles
Gimme Shelter- The Rolling Stones
Home- Motley Crue
Californication- Red Hot Chili Peppers
Please Read The Letter- Robert Plant and Alison Krauss
Gone, Gone, Gone-Robert Plant and Alison Krauss
I'm In the Mood-Robert Plant and Alison Krauss

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